Monday, June 27, 2011

More Flannel Blankets

I've made two of these for Junebug since they're  so easy, and quite frankly kind of essential. Well, now that Junebug has arrived and has been monopolizing much of this Mama's time I needed to ensure that my Pumpkin wasn't feeling left out or pushed aside. So, one afternoon Gammie came over to sit with Junebug while he napped and Mama and Pumpkin went to the "fabric store" (a.k.a. JoAnn's).

My Pumpkin got to pick out her fabrics and we spent some time together. ♥ That night I made Pumpkin her very own blankie that she now sleeps with every night =)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Craft

Here's a project for father's day. I've often seen it done with "DAD" but Pumpkin & Junebug call hubby "Papa" so we did ours slightly different. I also usually see this done with those wooden letters you can pick up just about anywhere, but to be honest, I forgot to buy them and was too lazy to go back to the store. So I decided to make them out of fabric, and then they'd be a toy for later anyways.

To make the fabric letters, simply choose your favorite font in Word or some other word processing program. The best fonts for a project like this would be something thick, to accommodate stuffing. You, of course, could hand draw the letters too but if you're OCD like me, that just wouldn't work.

Type the letters you need and blow them up until they're as large as possible (one letter per page). It also helps to make the margins as narrow as possible. Print and cut out your letters. Trace each letter twice, once the right way and once backwards. Cut out your letters.

Pin your fabric letters together, right side OUT. Top stitch all around the edge, leaving a small gap for stuffing. Fill with batting. Stitch closed.

The edges will fray but it's part of "the look" ;)

Take pictures with the letters to create a montage like above, or make the whole alphabet to teach letters, or maybe just enough letters to spell out your child's name. The possibilities are endless! =)