Friday, December 28, 2012

Project 52 | Random Acts of Kindness

Twice now I have tried -and failed -at project 365, you know the one, you take a picture a day for a year. It really never should've been that hard for me since I take pictures- all. the. time. But alas... I never did make it.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again... but first lower the bar. HaHa! This year I (along with the kidlet) will tackle Project 52- 1 thing a week. A little less ambition, a little more success? Let's hope! I was so torn looking for what could be the focus of my p52... I see lots out there- photography (clearly wasn't going to work), cookies (whoa now, just starting to see my waistline again), quilts (a quilt a WEEK?! I've never even finished one in my lifetime...). WHAT would I focus on?

I searched blogs, pinterest, and then I found it... Random Acts of Kindness! YES! That would be it =) 52 Random Acts of Kindness. This is perfect, too, because I can get the kidlets involved. Especially after my 4 year old's (Pumpkin) behavior at Christmas time... lack of appreciation and a bad attitude! She needs this. So, I spent quite a bit of time last night pinning different blogs and lists of RAKs and next I'm going to create my very own printable for us to use. Pumpkin's going to help me with this so that she's involved from the beginning. I'm very excited for this project!