Monday, December 27, 2010

Tweet Tweet Tutorial

How exciting my first official tutorial!! I made this project a month ago, actually, but wasn't able to upload the images and pattern to the blog before my computer crashed. Luckily, the files were recovered but it's taken me a while to sit down and get it posted. Also, I made this before receiving my beautiful new Singer sewing machine for Christmas, so this was a hand-sewn project for me, but could easily be done on a machine, I'm sure. I made this "Tweet Tweet Bird" for my daughter:

First, you need to cut your fabric based on the template [linked at the end of this entry]. You'll also want to cut two pieces of batting following the same template. Then, stitch them together, fabric facing right side together, with the batting on the outside: [be sure to leave a gap where you can turn your bird right side out]

Turn the bird right side out and stuff with filling.

You'll need to do this two more times, scaled down, to make wings. For some reason I cannot find the pictures of those as I made them. Do the same as above, though. Face the fabric right side together [this time without the batting] and stitch together, leaving a slight gap. Stuff both the wings with filling. Sew shut.

Then, regardless if you've been using a machine you'll need to hand-sew the wings to the body of the bird.

VoilĂ !

Hope you and your little ones enjoy your "tweet tweet"!

Download the PDF pattern here.

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