Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rocka Buy Gear

Gotta love the bargain sites!!!

" is a venue where moms everywhere can buy and sell their used baby gear. Why bother with collecting and storing all of your unneeded baby gear for a seasonal garage sale that takes up an entire weekend and involves a lot of hard work, when you can easily post any baby-related items, such as clothes, toys, books, DVDs, furniture, strollers and more, at ANY time of the year, day or night, and it's all for FREE! is different from other websites where you can list items for sale: It has an easy four-step posting process that is specifically designed for moms who don't have time to deal with complicated websites due to their busy schedules. Items are posted with a fixed price so you won't have to deal with any time-wasting auctions. All you have to do is post your baby-gear item on our site - and wait! Once your item sells, will email and text you to let you know. The money will be deposited directly into your personal Paypal account

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