Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gs By Me

So with Junebug we (I) decided to take the plunge into cloth diapering. It's kinda scary and overwhelming at first, but I decided a nice way to "dip my toes" into the CDing world would be the hybrid brand gDiapers. They're awesome because you can do cloth inserts and be 100% cloth or you can get the biodegradable inserts, which are flushable, compostable or trashable (where they breakdown, unlock disposable diapers which sit in landfills for years and years and years.....).

I think the best part of CDing is all the fun colors and patterns! Now, gDiapers sells mostly solid colors, but that's almost better because you can spiff them up all you want! This great business I found on Facebook embroiders the gPants with almost anything you can imagine! Awesome! I custom ordered this one to match Junebug's bedding (which I swear is almost done!!!):

So if you're a gDiapering family too you should check out Gs By Me.

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