Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Plum Pickin'!

A lot of you are probably familiar with the daily deal websites that are available. I've posted about quite a few, in fact. Many of them are geared towards moms and babies and what not. This one..... all. about. crafting. ohhhh yeaaaaah.

They post one deal a day at 7am (MST). It's early, but man is it worth it! You can sign up to receive their notifications, but you still better be quick because things sell out fast!!

Look what I most recently purchased:

oh.em.gee. I cannot WAIT  to add them to my next sewing project! Yay for branding =)

And I have to say their customer service is pretty freaking awesome too! One item they posted, they had said (on their facebook) "teachers are going to love this!" Well, as a teacher I was pretty excited, but also bummed, because I knew that typically things are sold out by the time I get home from school. They responded right away and said to email them when I got home from work. They saved me one and I was able to snag a personalized stamp that I now use in my classroom every. single. day. YES! Love them!

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