Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby food Containers

If I didn't mention it already, I'm a momma who makes all my little one's baby food. It's something I'm pretty proud of and it's so easy and affordable. Anyways! I was doing the easy way of freezing the food in ice trays, which gave me the perfect cube size portions, and then storing them in ziploc bags. It was easy enough because we never went anywhere, lol. Well, now we are traveling a lot more and she will be going to "daycare" at her Lola's house. So, now we need portable food. I've invested in 4 of these. Stay Fresh Baby food containers.

The best baby food storage system you'll find — one that's freezable, portable, and even stackable! These single-serving containers keep homemade baby food fresher than others (and won't pop open in your diaper bag, either). The secret? Secure, screw-on, locking lids. Plus, the cups snap together for space-saving stacking. In fact, the 7" organizer tray even fits in most freezer doors. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Includes twelve 2 oz. containers with lids and tray.

I've just begun using them, but I really like them! They're secure, stackable, and easy to clean! I'm definitely happy with my investment.

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