Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tatefully Simple

I cannot believe I have not yet posted about Tastefully Simple!! I absolutely LOVE their products. If you don't know, Tastefully Simple is a home based business (like Tupperware) that sells easy to prepare food. All of their things only require 1-2 basic ingredients to be added and then you're cooking! It's SO wonderful. And, seriously, the food is SO yummy! Here are some of my top picks:

"Our signature bread mix is so simple to make - no kneading, no rising time, nothing to add but beer or any carbonated beverage. In a matter of minutes, your house will be filled with the mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked bread. The perfect companion to our dips and soups. Kosher. (0g trans fat per serving)"

"Smooth, gooey warm dip with Cheddar cheese and a hint of chives. Just add cream cheese, heat gently, and enjoy with bread, crackers or chips. Also makes a deliciously cheesy topper for baked potatoes. Kosher. Each packet makes about 1 cup dip."

"Two flavor favorites come together! Just add mayonnaise and sour cream. Serve as a dip with chips and fresh veggies, or spread on chicken sandwiches, BLT wraps and grilled burgers. Also delicious stirred into crab or chicken salad for summer entertaining. Each packet makes about 1 cup dip."

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