Monday, August 15, 2011

the "pillowcase" dress

Surely you've seen pillowcase dresses, they're all the rage among toddler wardrobes these days! The styles range from simple to more elaborate with multiple fabrics and bias tape and what not. So which do I choose for my first attempt? The elaborate one, of course! ;) It took me a few hours to complete, especially with my repeated checking of the tutorial from Little Big Girl Studio (I'm kinda hyper vigilant). But I'm THRILLED with the way it turned out! I only wish it wasn't 11pm when I finished so that I could have Pumpkin try it not right away!!! But that will have to wait until tomorrow after work I guess =(

The best part is I have more of the brown polka dot fabric that I will use to make a necktie onesie for my Junebug =) Yay for matching sibling sets =P

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